Corporate Responsibility

The Brownsword Group prides itself on its attention to the most stringent standards and protocols in all areas of ethical compliance, and will ensure that all business is conducted lawfully, transparently and in a socially responsible and principled manner. We believe that every business has the responsibility of contributing to society through its activities, and where it can should strive to further help the wider community by ‘giving back’. The Brownsword Group are proud to achieve this through our long-standing corporate sponsorship of the charity Help For Heroes, active since September 2010.

We define Corporate Social Responsibility as:-

‘a concept whereby we integrate social and environmental concerns into our business operations and in our interactions with all our stakeholders’.

We are committed to upholding best practice in this area, and our approach is designed to build trust, deliver mutual advantage and demonstrate respect for human dignity in all our relationships.

We hold ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems which ensures we uphold industry standards in all our processes.


Help For Heroes