Happy 22nd Birthday

We are delighted to announce, after forming the business on 11th March 1994, that today we celebrate the company’s 22nd birthday.


From humble beginnings we are presently the largest independent investigation company in the UK and continuing to grow.


Since 1994, when John Major was Prime Minister, Prince was No. 1 in the charts and Blackburn Rovers won the football Premier League, there have been exactly 1,144 weeks.


22, or two little ducks, was the exact number of things that God created in the 6 days of creation. It is the length of a cricket pitch in yards, and the common name for the .22 calibre long rifle cartridge. It was also the car number of both Lewis Hamilton in 2008 and Jenson Button in 2009 when they won the F1 drivers’ championship. It is highlighted in the common expression “catch 22” and the designation of the USAF stealth fighter, the F-22 Raptor. It is the atomic number for Titanium, and “22 v’la les flics” is a popular French expression equivalent of the English “the cops are coming!”


As a former sponsor of Sale Sharks Rubgy Union, 22 has a common relationship with the sport in that the 22 metre line from the try line is respectively known as ‘the 22’.


Finally, the most distinguished regiment in the British Army is; 22 SAS.