Licensing Investigation in the private sector – an update for the UK and Republic of Ireland

No introduction to this old story is needed but it will be of interest to all professionals in this sector that implementing the Security Industry Act 2001 as regard investigation activity is back on the agenda.

Those following the Security Industry Authority (SIA) may have observed from their web site that the Home Office has been undergoing a review of the wider security industry. In regard to the review the SIA statement includes the following: –

“…the scope and appropriateness for us taking on additional functions including those that may already be provided by other organisations, or functions that could further enhance our role in the future. These will include business licensing and the licensing of private investigations.”

The results of the review will shortly be presented to government Ministers to consider the recommendations. If the Ministers so agree then it will be a matter of finding a legislative slot to bring about the changes. What those recommendations are will not be clear until such time as a Report is published by the Home Office, which may happen even before the Ministers have responded and possibly before the SIA annual Stakeholders’ Conference, details of which will no doubt appear shortly.

It is difficult to read what this may mean for the investigation activities included in the Act but it may mean that licensing for the sector and/or security industry wide business licensing is back on the table.

In the meantime, the Republic of Ireland introduced licensing for investigations on 01 November 2015, which is based on how the SIA may have implemented Business Licensing in the UK.

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Article courtesy of the Association of British Insurers