MEPs back plans for automatic accident-reporting system to be fitted into new EU-built cars​

Pinset Masons report on the latest stance from Europe on eCall;

“Car manufacturers in the EU will in future be required to fit a new system into every new car they make that will automatically notify the emergency services in the event of a car accident.

The Internal Market Committee at the European Parliament voted to support the introduction of a new regulation which would require EU car makers to install the ‘eCall’ in-vehicle system in cars manufactured on or after 31 March 2018.

MEPs and the EU’s other law making body, the Council of Ministers, are expected to vote to approve the new regulation by the end of March next year, the Parliament said.

The eCall system would work by recording basic information, including “the class of vehicle, the type of fuel used, the time of the accident and the exact location” and use ‘112 emergency call technology’ to notify the emergency services immediately an incident occurs.”