Saddleworth Fire Animal Search & Rescue by Brownsword Manager

Brownsword’s Group Compliance Manager, Gill Prior, is on a mission to help the animals affected by the Saddleworth Moor fire which continues to rage after several days.

As a volunteer at an animal shelter, and a previous volunteer Marine Life Medic for BDMLR, Gill said that seeing posts on social media about lost pets and injured wildlife led her to take action. After putting a post on Facebook with her intentions to go out and hunt for lost pets and rescue injured animals, an overwhelming response meant that a large area could be covered on the first night. Some people volunteered for an hour, some stayed for the duration, and others brought supplies, with more offers of help flooding in every hour.pic2

Gill liaised with the local fire service and animal welfare organisations to ensure what she is organising is within the safe limits and restrictions of the area, and the fire service have been a great help, with attending PSCO Ryan even finding one of the missing cats in Carrbrook, Stalybridge.

Due to the overwhelming response, including people continuing to send in details of their missing animals, Gill will be arranging the searches every night whilst there is still a need and a danger to wildlife. Gill said, “I’m humbled by all the help offered, what started as one lunchtime post has turned into significant action, we even have a veterinary surgeon on standby who offered her services.

“As well as looking for animals, we are walking along the burn line where the fire is mostly out, leaving tubs of water for the wildlife as the area is totally parched. There will of course be a plastics clear-up once the emergency is over. Any life is precious and if we only help a few it will all be worth it.”

As well as the reunited cat, a slightly charred Canadian Goose was rescued and handed over to a rescue centre. Sadly it was too late for many but the work will continue in the hope of more rescues.pic3pic4