Success of Brownsword Claims Manager in Thwarting a £1m Fake Death Claim

A man who tried to fake his own death to claim a £1m insurance payout has been jailed. Syed Bukhari, 39, impersonated his wife on the phone in a bid to convince a company he had died from a heart attack in Pakistan, but police were tipped off by suspicious insurers.

It was discovered that Bukhari, from Withington, had initially contacted his insurance company via email purporting to be his partner, claiming that he’d died from a heart attack in Karachi. Bukhari also impersonated his partner on the phone in an attempt to validate the claim and progress it further. However, a voice analysis expert compared Bukhari’s voice to the one on the calls allegedly made by his partner and determined that there was strong support to advocate that the ‘unknown speaker’ on the call was Bukhari.

Bukhari, 39, who is currently serving seven years and 11 months in prison for unrelated fraud offences, was convicted at Inner London Crown Court. He was sentenced to five years and seven months in prison, which will run consecutively to his current sentence.

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