Surveillance Division

Operating on a nationwide basis, with international experience, we provide surveillance solutions in a compliant and ethical manner, to assist in the accurate settlement of personal injury claims.

Utilising an intelligence led approach and fully employing all our operational staff, we work in teams to ensure that the best possible results are achieved for our clients.

We utilise technology to provide our evidence in a market leading format and our Intelligence Unit provide automatically generated information throughout the lifecycle of an enquiry.

Brand protection is paramount to our success. We have never brought adverse publicity to any of our clients since the inception of our business.

In our 25 year history our evidence has never been deemed inadmissible in court. We have provided evidence on innumerable occasions; some of the stated cases in which we have provided witness evidence are:-

  • Khan v. Armaguard Ltd [1994]
  • McNally v. RG Manufacturing Ltd [1999]
  • Rall v. Hume [2001]
  • Summers v. Fairclough Homes Ltd [2012]
  • Plana v. First Capital East Ltd [2013]
  • Gosling v. Screwfix Direct Ltd [2014]

All of these stated cases have had direct input into the direction of our industry.