Work Experience at The Brownsword Group

As part of our commitment to supporting learning and development, we recently hosted an A-Level student at our offices for work experience. Here is her report;

Work Experience Report 

On my first day at The Brownsword Group I was introduced to the head of the Theft Department. She gave me a timetable of the different departments I would be working with in my time with the company.

My first task involved listening in to telephone interviews, and distinguishing the difference between the outcomes. I was intrigued by the system and how it monitored the answers to the questions asked.

Later on that day I experienced working in the fraud department, putting together information for reports which that can then be sent on to the insurance company. Following this I spent an hour in liability in order to understand the process of their calls.

The first department I worked with on my second day was typing; scanning and sending reports followed by some work in the accounts department. I learnt how to use the scanning machine and got to try typing out a statement and emailing it to a different department for further investigation. With the accounts team I processed data using the database system. That afternoon I was in claims support where I learnt the basic criteria towards booking out spec calls, and updating new data onto the system.

My favourite part of my work experience was working with the surveillance team and learning about the desktop reports.

From my time at Brownsword I learnt various different office skills and gained an insight as to all the smaller operations behind preventing insurance fraud.

Thank you to everyone I worked with for the opportunity and your time.